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Lumimate 120A automatic chemiluminescence immune analy

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Product Overview

Lumimate 120A automatic chemiluminescence immune analyzer, based on indirect chemiluminescence AMPPD and alkaline phosphatase, and form a complete set of detection reagent, to human serum, plasma, whole blood, fingertip blood samples are analyzed in the qualitative or quantitative detection, including we, sex, tumor, bone metabolism, infectious diseases and other testing, etc.



Highly equipped hardware and intelligent software systems

High efficiency test, 120 test/hour

Emergency priority detection function

Sampling system uses 3 needle design, efficient and fast


Different items can be randomly combined

Flexible 64 sample position, original tube.

Batch, continuous, multiple loading

Integrated reagent racks, 18 disk-type reagent positions, easy to change


Advanced magnetic particle and enzyme chemiluminescence principle, the detection results are accurate.

Fourfold automatic magnetic separation system for thorough cleaning;

Around and closed light avoidance interpretation system,

Strictly avoided the influence of strong light.


Large true color touch screen, easy to operate;

Support one - step method, two – step method multiple response mode, automatic efficiency scheduling.

Automatic information input and two-way docking with LIS/HIS.


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