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Aigel automatic blood group analyzer

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Product Overview

Using microcolumn gel method, simple and high sensitivity. Low content of antigen or antibody can be detected, results are clear and reliable, easy saving, meet the requirements of diverse data management. Applied to ABO blood group automatic typing, Rh (D) and irregular antibody screening, cross matching and so on in hospitals, blood stationsdisease control centers.



Modular design, each module synchronous operation

Stable equipment performance, fast detection speed


Aigel 400 drawer type card position, 240 card capacity

Aigel 300 platform type card position, ready to load


different test items can be carried out simultaneously

Flexible experimental programming, intelligent completion of various types of test combination.

intelligent management

Fully-automatic operation

Automatic bar code scanning

Results are automatically saved

Intuitive and accurate results

CCD digital imaging, the original image results can be permanently saved, easy to query and trace


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