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Microcolumn gel cards for forward and reverse ABO/RhD blood group typing

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Product Overview

Using microcolumn gel technology and 8-well card design, it is suitable for ABO blood group forward and reverse typing and RhD, RhC and RhE blood group antigens clinical test.


Reverse typing

Weak positive antibodies can be detected effectively to solve the problem of missing weak positive samples caused by diseases and another influence factors.

Forward typing

The detection sensitivity of weak antigen and subtype is high, avoid the problem of missing detection caused by subtype antigen disease.

Rh typing

Accurate typing of Rh blood group antigen improves compatibility transfusion of Rh blood group.

One card for one blood type test

For each card, ABO blood group forward and reverse stereotyping tests and RhD, C and E antigens tests can be performed in one person

Quality control

The false positive results caused by the specimen and the gel card can be excluded to ensure the validity of the gel card and ensure the accuracy of the test results

The resultsare easy to interpret

The results are visible and easy to interpret

Quantitative analysis, good repeatability


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