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Anti-human globulin test card(IgG+C3d)

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Product Overview

Microcolumn gel method and 8-well card design.Used for direct anti-human globulin test and indirect anti-human globulin test, mainly used for irregular antibody screening, cross matching, detection of antibody sensitized red blood cells (hemolytic disease of newborn), etc.


High sensitivity

Combined application of IgG and C3d can enhance complement (C3) dependent antibodies and avoid missing detection

With high sensitivity, IgM and IgG antibodies can be detected simultaneously

Using imported gel particles, the gel aperture is suitable, the sensitivity is higher, the weak positive specimen is detected effectively.

U-shaped design ensures sufficient incubation of antigens and primary antibodies to prevent secondary interference, with higher sensitivity and low rate of missing detection of weakly positive specimens.


One card for more than one test, reduce the cost of testing

One card can be used for a variety of experimental tests

Direct anti-human globulin test can be done for 8 persons with one card.

Irregular antibody screening can be done for 2 persons with one card

Cross match can do 4 test.


Anti-human globulin test card is well match withAigelautomatic blood type analyzer

Reagents and instruments are developed and manufactured by Alkang, perfect match, automatic and standardized testing.


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